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He came from the sky, The Black Drakon in the way that our ancestors had foreseen. Smoke and Fire filled the air and the clouds burned from his internal fire. The great Drakon had come to establish his rule upon the creatures of the earth, our world would never be the same. The Drakon brought with him great armies armed with even greater weapons, once feuding dukes now turned there armies to the new foe and away from there ancestral enemies. Armies marched legions fell and all the while small cults began to spring up in worship of the Drakon, for they believed it best to join him rather than be conquered and punished. Despite the sacrifices of the local lords and there armies The Black Drakon’s armies soon conquered the realms of men and those he did not swear there allegiance to the new lord were imprisoned or made an example of for all those who would choose to disobey there new ruler.

In time life came back to a normal pace, life continued as usual save for the fear that had beset the hearts of the people. The six nations remained but all owed there allegiance to the Drakon, true ruler of Mhurka. The world now waits for brave heroes to return freedom to the oppressed and justice where there is none. It has been generations since a hero has been born, if one should show himself would the people love him or fear him?

The Reign of The Ebon Drakon