Gold Hao

Born as a wheat farmer in the southern plains, work and service is all that Hau has known since birth. The time of the ruling lord dates back from before his own father was born.


Maou = His bow (the hunting bow of his father) Sharpa = The standard short sword of the six nations.


Hao farmed the wheat fields of his native country for many years, all was relatively peaceful. Every two months Hao and his brothers would bring the produce from there collective farm to the village as was required by law. The product would be distributed among the larger towns and a great portion sent to the city of Iron, home of the Black Drakon and his soldiers. For many years life continued like this, in a natural rhythm as nature had intended. This changed though when one morning out of the early mist Hao saw coming out from the morning mist a band of soldiers the the banner of the armies of [[Qeogath]] high lord of the six nations. The soldiers had come to claim two sons from every household the two eldest sons of the household. This they did, Hao and his older brother Jun were taken by the soldiers and brought along with hundred of others young men gathered that day to the training camp outside of Lusi. For many weeks the men here were trained to fight with the spear, the sword and the bow. After seven weeks of training the weak were separated from the strong and notes were taken. The young men were marched out of the camp toward the northern realms were they would complete there training and join officially teh ranks of the ScaleGuard legion. Hao and his brother Jun made an escape attempt whilst the armies were being transfered north. For many years rumours had spread that the Enlightened One, The Black Drakon would eventually fall, it was said that his will was cruel and his intentions even worse. Minor rebellions that had taken place a couple decades prior had been put down with great blood shed. Hao’s father a rebel from that era had died fighting the Skaleguard, there father’s sister Sisu who’s husband also died in the revolts had fled into the countries southern regions with her nephews and her own two children to protect them from any harm. As tehy grew up she told them tales that had been told by her mother, of a time before Qeogath, of a time when happiness flitted in the air. Her four boys has grown knowing that Qeogath had stolen the throne many years prior.

During there escape attempt Jun was captured while a couple of men tried to escape. For this he was punished with hot metal scarrings. Hao avoided capture but it was not without loss. In fact he received an arrow in the back for his efforts. When the soldiers came to examine the body they found one which they believed to be Hao. Fortunately for him they had been fooled by the body of another man shot as well. Hao escaped but barely his wounded back caused him great agony, but he could not remove the arrow for fear of bleeding to death. That evening he stole a horse from the local village and rode back to his home. Here he explained to his surprised aunt the events of the last eight weeks. She tended to his wound and the following evening under the cover of night, Hao who had taken up his fathers bow and accompanied by his sibling(s)... departed to rescue there captive brother.

Gold Hao

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